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Monday, March 30, 2020

Similar Games Just Like Coin Master

Similar Games Just Like Coin Master

Piggy Go Free Spin

Hello, Friends Welcome to Earn Happily today you will be learning about some similar games just like Coin Master you may have heard about the app. Still, these are fantastic games, and you will enjoy playing. If you download and play the game first, let me start with a short description of the games so that you will be understanding how is the difference in the game lets start with all the list on games.

1.) Coin Master (Coin Master Free Spins)

Coin Master Game is a trending game currently in worldwide, and it has a simple single-player game interface where you can spin the wheel to get daily free coins and play slot machine to get spins and coins to build villages here are some small features list which you should know while you play the game.

Coin Master Game Features:-

  • Daily Free Spin Wheel available in Every twenty-four hours Once.
  • Slot Machine: To play the slot machine, you need spins to play while playing to get different types of reward, mostly coins but sometimes spins too.
  • Build Villages: For building villages, you need coins which you will get from different ways within the game such as Slot Machine, Daily Spin Wheel, Watching a video ad, Raiding your opponent, daily free coins reward links from us.
  • Raid: While you play the slot machine in coin master, you get three pigs, which means you can Raid your opponent you get four spots and three chance in which you have to hit a whole raid to steal all the coins from the opponent.
  • Attack: This will come when you have spins to play slot machine and when you get three thor hammer, you get an option to attack your friends, enemies, or random it's your choice what you chose to attack.

These are the basic description for playing Coin Master Game.

2.) Pirate Kings (Pirate Kings Free Spins)

If you talk about Pirate Kings Game, then here this game is a bit similar to Coin Master but has massive different Gameplay. You can download the game and start playing first. It is hard to understand, but later it's easy to play while you build your islands and go ahead.

Pirate Kings Game Features:-

  • Play: In this option, you get to play Slot Machine just like Coin Master as I said you need spins to play the game, while to play the slots, you get different events also where you earn more spins and coins.
  • Island View: Here, you can build your island with coins and complete your island and go to the next level.
  • My Island: You will get your island name on which you are, and the best part in this feature is you can add workers to keep digging your island while you can earn more coins daily.
  • Shop: This is the same feature as Island View, where you can build your island.
  • My Pirates: In this, you get different types of avatars either you buy chests or wait to get it directly from the game.
  • My Mateys: These are all your friends who are playing the Pirate Kings Game.
  • Boom Strike: Here you need to collect boom while you play the slot machine and then attack back to back on the village which has a less time running when you ultimately damage their town to get spins or sometimes spins and coins both.
  • Daily Bonus: In this, you will get daily one coins to play the daily bonus and earn some fantastic reward for free coins. You may also get more bonus coins from regular reward links, which we provide you daily, so stay tuned and stay connected.

Pirate Kings Basic Features to understand the Gameplay.

3.) Piggy Go (Piggy Go Free Spins)

Piggy Go is also one of the similar game as Coin Master & Pirate Kings. Still, it has a way much more good and beautiful interface with advance features where you have lots of other ways to earn more dice and coins easily to build your villages and get more and more dice freely and easily, let's discuss some of the basic features of the game piggy go.

Piggy Go Game Basic Features:- 

  • Slot Machine: In Piggy go you don't have a slot machine which goes round in a circle and give you coins or spins. Still, here you have some advance features when you Roll the dice to play here. It's your avatar who runes around the boxes and give you lots of option such as Canon, Raid, Teleport, Fate, Sheild Etc.
  • Canon: In easy words, it's an attack when you reach that box you get an option to attack your friends and enemies.
  • Raid: When your avatar reaches the Raid box you get raid but here is something different in the game because in coin master you get four options and three chance but here in Piggy go you get only one opportunity to raid there will a bar below where the bar icon goes left and right you need to stop the bar in the yellow color section to get 100% raid if you fail to do so you will get less raid which depends on how far you have stopped the line from yellow color bar.
  • Teleport this is one of the new options which so far only Piggy go has it this is also an excellent play once you reach the green color teleport box you get an opportunity to teleport yourself to someone else village and steal their coins and build your house in their community to earn coins this is the fascinating part you will enjoy while you play the game.
  • Fate when you reach on? Box either you get more coins, or you will lose some of your coins. These are also an outstanding feature in the game.
  • Sheild I same like all other games which help to save your villages from your enemies and friends.

Isn't this one of the best essential features of the Piggy Go Game.

4.) Coin Beach (Coin Beach Free Spins)

Coin Beach is the latest game launched, but now it is currently on trending in worldwide, this game has a fantastic feature just like other games but has an easy to use interface and has a good graphics which makes the game more interact with the users and the users love the game that's why currently it is on-trend soon by the end of this year it will be in top ten adventures games list.

Coin Beach Some Basic Features:-

  • In Coin Beach, you get the same feature to play just like other games having Attack, Raid, Spin the Slot, Spin the wheel, etc.
  • Spin Wheel: In this, you get an option to watch ads and spin the wheel as many as you want, and every five hours, you get one free spin wheel to play.
  • Attack is just as Coin Master & Pirate Kings, where you can attack your friends or enemies and take revenge on them.
  • Raid the same feature of stealing coins from your opponent village again.
  • Quest: Here you can log in daily and earn some free spins and coins with just a simple click.
  • If you are running short of spins, then send you to invite link to your Facebook friends and let them download the game once they do that you earn some extra spins for free.

Well, these are the same essential feature of the Coin Master and Coin Beach Game.


In this blog, you have learned which are a similar game just like Coin Master, which has the same and some different features, but all the games are amazing and fun playing. 

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