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Monday, April 6, 2020

Coin Master Game Review

Coin Master Game Review

Hello Friends, in this blog, we will help you with every feature available in Coin Master Game so that you can understand the game very quickly and play user friendly. Here is basic gameplay when you first install the app; the game itself shows you how to play the game by spinning the slot machine and getting coins to building the villages and each and everything. Still, the game doesn't teach you about how to get free spins, chests, cards, and many more, but today you will learn each and everything step by step which option used for what purpose. Daily Bonus Wheel
coin master game
What is daily bonus wheel this wheel is available in every twenty-four hours once to spin the wheel, what happens when you spin the wheel well.
unlimited coins for coin master
It gives you a lot of options depending upon the village level you are on. Currently, I am on level 133, so I am getting this amount of coins, after spinning the wheel stops at the particular slot and you get those slot of coins currently to make this blog I played the wheel. I got 2B coins and can find the screenshot below that I got those coins for free in just one wheel bonus.

bonus wheel for coin master
After playing this free bonus wheel, you may get another golden wheel; do not play that because that wheel will ask for money, so I recommend you do not play the other wheel wait for next went four hours, and play the freewheel only. What is Village News?
coin master latest news
The village News is when a new user joins Coin Master is he/she is your Facebook friends than the app will notify you in the village news that one of your friends has joined Coin Master. These shows users have attacked your village and raided and stole your coins; these are an excellent option to know who all are attacking your village and stealing. What are Gifts
coin master reward gift
In the Gift section, you will find that who are sending you free spins and coins and who all are daily players, you can collect the spins and coins and resend them back. And this doesn't make your coins or spins less its the Coin Master who gives it as a gift, and in the third section, you will find you have sent you free cards to complete the card sets so that you can get other free spins quickly by completing the card set. What do Pets help in Coin Master Game Well, there are three types of pets, and each pet has different roles so that you get some extra free spins and coins and save your village by an attack didn't understand right, let me explain to you each pet's name and at what they are useful.
coin master foxy
Foxy: This Foxy pet helps you getting a big raid, for example. When you get a strike there, you get four options in which you get three opportunities to play right, but when you activate Foxy, you get all the four option, three times you dig the hole, and the fourth time Foxy digs the whole and gives you some more coins.

coin master free tiger
Tiger: It increases your attack rewards when you attack your enemies or opponent you get shield either you damage their village, and here is what the Tiger does. It helps you to get more coins from the person who has attacked.
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Rhino: Well, Trust me, Rhino is one of the most helpful in the Pet list because of this pet Rhino you get saved by attacks when you don't have the shield on your village at that time the Rhino helps you by getting attacked. Important note: From all the three pets you can activate any once at a time and there is two option now one which is for free which makes the pet enable for 15 Mins. The second option activates the pet for 4 hours as I said you could activate any one pet at a time you use your pet wisely. Cards Boom Event
coin master card boom event
In Cards Boom Event you get a perfect option to buy the card chests with coins, and you get more 50% card in it and this event, there are more chances of getting new cards depending upon the village level you are on, there are three types of chests to buy Wooden, Golden, and Magical Chest.
wooden chests
Wooden Chest gives you only two cards when you open, but in Cards Boom Event, you get three cards.

golden chests
Golden Chest gives you only four cards, but while the Cards Boom is live, you get six cards.
coin master magical chests
Magical Chests in this without and event you get eight cards, but while the Cards Boom Event in ON you get total twelve cards isn't that amazing. While you are on the lower level and you buy cards in Cards Boom Event, there are very high chances that you get new and golden cards quickly. Cards For Chests
cards for chests
These are also a great feature which the Coin Master has to build here you have to trade your extra cards, and then you will receive chests in which you may receive spins and coins or more cards this way you can exchange your additional cards and increase your spins quickly isn't that a great feature in Coin Master Game. You get three options to buy the cards to chests with all the extra duplicates cards you have, and this doesn't make your starts decrease; this is the option to buy 75 Stars, 750 Starts, and 3000 Stars. In the last option, there are chances that you get a Joker card, which means you can easily get any card from the list that you want; this is an excellent feature in Coin Master. How to collect daily free spins and coins reward
reward link app
Here we have built an Android App for users who can easily collect the daily free spins and coins reward just by downloading the Reward Link app from the play store. The user is straightforward to claim the reward as we will notify users who have installed the android app so that they can Claim the bonus easily by a click. Get the latest Reward Link android app build by Xavier from the Playstore button. What are you waiting for Download the app now and claim your rewards?

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