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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Piggy Go Game Review

Piggy Go Game Review

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Piggy Go is the best adventure game, just like Coin Master, Pirate Kings, and other sports, but this game has some best and unique features, which I love. You guys will also love it trust me today in this blog I will show you each and everything how to play the game and how to follow every step carefully.

What is Piggy Go

Piggy Go is a single-player game that is played on any android and ios devices worldwide it has some primary and amazing features which I will be showing you in detail.

Piggy Go does have some features like Coin Master such as Stars, Sheild, Coins, Daily Bonus Wheel, etc., but it also has some additional features.

Piggy Go Free Dice

Yes you heard it right in this game there are no spins like coin master and pirate kings here you will get Dice which is fantastic to play within this game you need to roll Dice instead of spinning the wheel, and while you roll the Dice, you get different numbers on which you represent and go further.

Who is Pipi?

Pipi is a character in Piggy go who plays for you when you roll the Dice; he is the one who runs on the board, and when he stops.

If there is anything like Raid, Canon, Sheild, or Teleports you get to play further, the Male players mostly choose this character as the Pipi is a Male Character.

Who is Lili?

Lili is also a female character who plays the role just like Pipi. You roll the Dice. She does the work for you; there are more characters just like Pipi and Lili, but you need to unlock them using Gems. Here if you need Gems, then you need to purchase it from the Piggy go app itself, but I recommend you do not buy anything and waste your money free character does the same thing which the paid character will do, so please don't spend your money.

Piggy Go Features:- 

  • Roll Dice: Yes you hear it correct in this game you don't need to spin the wheel here you need to roll the Dice so that your character Pipi or Lili which you may select will run on the board and there once they stop you may get something like Canon, Raid, Teleport, Fate, Sheild or nothing.
  • Canon: It is the same in Coin Master and Pirate Kings you call it to attack, where you can damage your friends and enemies Villages.
  • Raid: In Piggy Go, I love the Raid part because it gives you a 100% chance to get a whole raid just by watching a small ad, and that's amazing you will love this part trust me on it.
This game is entirely different; in coin master, you get four options and three chance and in pirate king three possibilities.

And one chance but in Piggy go you get an opportunity to raid their entire coins just in one short you need to stop the arrow in the yellow color bar to get 100% raid if you fail you will get less raid.
  • Teleport is one of the new features and this is found only in Piggy go so far once you reach on green color teleport board you will be teleported to a friend or an enemy village.
To steal their coins and build your own house in his village and earn some extra coins, this is the way much more best feature in Piggy go.
  • Fate is also a new feature which is found only and only in Piggy Go; you will either lose your coins or get more coins. It entirely depends on the game itself.
  • Sheild feature is just like other games to protect your village from getting attacked and damage we all need shields you all know more about these features.

What is Kitchen in Piggy Go

The kitchen event is the best event to earn some extra dice and coins every time it has some different items when you roll the Dice and collect coins and build villages.

At the same time you also complete so or the other running events in which you get some kitchen items which automatically saves it the kitchen items, there are lots of things in the kitchen you need to collect them all and cook in the vessel.

These are in the below image. Once you do that, the character Lili will cook the food for you. Once the food has cooked, you get a surprise gift such as Dice, coins, or something else, and that's good.

In this sometimes you are running short of some items in the kitchen then you can also ask your friends or guest user by requesting them the details, if they have the thing extra in their kitchen, they will help you or else he might even say.

I need some other items which they are running short of you can send and trade each item as you need and complete your cooking in the kitchen.


In Collection, you have different types of sets which you need to complete either you buy chests from the store or ask you friends to help you to complete the game by trading cards, and once the card set is complete you will be rewarded gift as per the set requirements this is same like Coin Master.

What the Stars

Stars are the leaderboard which can be available when you build your village, each village items you build you get one star and me that particular item is damage by attacking then you lose your current star from the leaderboard.

In the leaderboard section, you can find three options to check one your level with friends, second with Players, and third with your team that you have joined.

Bonus Wheel in Piggy Go

In Piggy Go, you don't get a free bonus wheel like a coin master. Still, here you get many bonus wheels that you want to play, just by watching one ad and winning up to 25 dice each time or maybe coins and more or fewer dice sometimes, but this is a perfect feature.

In Piggy, Go people love it, and that's why people are playing the game more and more and going on a higher level quickly and very fast.

How to get Piggy Go Free Dice

Well there are many ways to get will explain to you in short first you can visit our blog where we provide free dice daily for Piggy go and second you can watch daily ads and spins the regular bonus wheel, third you can send free Dice to your friends to receive them back for free that's all.


Today in this blog, I have given you most of the details on how to play Piggy Go and win the game quickly and how to get more dice daily to play the game read it very carefully it is more important to understand.