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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Golden Trade Technics that works in Coin Master Game.

Golden Trade Technics For Coin Master Game.

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Golden Cards can be traded only if a Golden Trade Event is going on. Whenever there is a trade event going on, you can only trade those two golden cards, which are selected by Moon Active Game Developer, which is Coin Master.

Here are some best ways to get the Golden Cards when the Trade event in On.

Trade those Golden Cards with friends.

Golden Cards are tradable among your Facebook friends only. So the best way to get the card is by asking your friends to check if they have the spare golden ticket if they have they will send it for free, but in this case, also many people will ask for money via Paypal, or Paytm, etc. please don't fall for this trap you will lose your money.

Visit Facebook Groups for trading golden cards.

If your Facebook friends don't have a spare card, they join the Facebook group and post the screenshot of the card which you need many of them will send the ticket for you.

But if the golden card is rare or the card if on a higher level there are fewer chances that the person who has the map will give you or free he might ask of for an offer to trade some other card for which he is in need.

Why people ask for an offer to give one golden card

In case the current golden card is a rare card and its hard to get it from the chests, then are many people who ask for multiple tags for trading that one rare golden card.

Mostly they will ask for Martian Lettuce, Santa, Armstrong, Fire Ring, etc., but make sure that these cards are also unique but don't make the mistake of sending these unique cards first because there are people who have created many of them they take these kinds of unique card.

They won't send you the golden card, they will block you, and you will be losing your rare card, so wait have patient someone will give that card for free.

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